Water Well Abandonment in Bucks County PA

Ivyland Well & Pump is certified to provide well sealing and decommissioning in the Bucks County PA area for abandoned water wells.

Well Abandonment in Bucks County PA | Ivyland Well & Pump

Top-Notch Water Well Sealing & Decommissioning in Bucks County PA

There are several reasons why you may not want to keep your Bucks County area water well:

Whatever the reason for no longer using your water well, an abandoned water well in the Bucks County PA area must be sealed and "decommissioned" by a licensed, certified well driller who is experienced in well decommissioning.

At Ivyland Well & Pump, our Bucks County area well abandonment experts have decades of knowledge and experience in well construction, geology, hydrogeology, and of course, well sealing and decommissioning. We are also very familiar with the aquifers, geological characteristics and various terrains in Bucks County and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

Decommissioning an Abandoned Water Well in Bucks County PA

Well Abandonment in Bucks County PA | Ivyland Well & Pump

Keeping an abandoned or unused well open is dangerous, which is why is must be property sealed. People and animals can fall into the well. And even if the well is covered, abandoned wells can pollute the environment by leaking contaminants into the ground and underground aquifers that service other wells in the area.

Act 610, the Water Well Drillers License Act of Pennsylvania, includes a provision for abandonment of water wells. This legislation makes it the responsibility of a water well owner to properly seal an abandoned well according to the state's rules and regulations. Since this is not something that a homeowner can do on their own, you will need to hire a licensed, certified Bucks County area well decommissioning contractor.

Sealing your Bucks County water well includes clearing it of all pipes, wires and other obstacles, diverting surface runoff away from the well, removing debris, and filling the well with aggregate or sealant such as a special type of cement (depending on characteristics of the well, such as its construction, surrounding geology, groundwater quality, contamination, etc.). After the well has been decommissioned, we will procure a certification from the state of Pennsylvania confirming that your Bucks County PA area well has been properly sealed according to their regulations.

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